Ed Hume Seeds

Siberia Tomato

TOMATO Siberia

Cool Weather-Short Season Variety

An excellent cool weather variety that can set fruit at low night temperatures. Small to medium sized tomatoes are produced on a 2 to 2 1/2 foot bush plant. Foliage is rounded, slightly curled and dark green. Delicious eaten fresh or for sauces and pastes. Will produce ripe fruit as early as 48 days after flowering.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Start seeds indoors, in pots, trays or flats. Cover with 1/8-inch fine soil.

THINNING: Thin when plants are about 2 inches tall. Individually pot or space 3 inches apart.

TRANSPLANTING: Plant outdoors in May, when all danger for frost has passed and weather has warmed.

SPACING: Leave 24-36 inches between plants.

GERMINATION: Approximately one to two weeks in the home.

Ed's Special Advice

Plant in full sun. If possible, plant against a south or west wall or fence where sun reflection will provide additional heat. Black plastic at base of plants or a tire placed on the soil will also help provide heat for earlier ripening.


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