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THYME Thymus vulgaris

Perennial-Permanent Plant - Height 9 to 12 inches

Popular ornamental landscape herb. Aromatic odor with pleasant taste. Used in meat dishes, soups and stews.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow seeds indoors in early spring or outdoors after all danger of frost. Cover seeds with 1/8 inch of fine soil.

THINNING AND TRANSPLANTING: When 1 to 2 inches tall, thin to 8 to 12 inches apart. Transplant thinned plants.

SPACING: Leave about 15 to 18 inches between plants.

GERMINATION: Approx. 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon soil and weather conditions.

Ed's Special Advice

Harvest when flowers first begin to open, for best flavor. Store dried leaves in airtight containers. Excellent plant to grow in containers. Thyme can also be frozen for later use.


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