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Acorn Squash

SQUASH Acorn Bush, Table King

This is an excellent bush variety of the popular acorn squash. Provides a heavy yield in a limited space. Ideal for baking, pies and storage. Approximately 82 days to maturity.

Special Directions For Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow seeds directly in garden in late spring after weather has warmed and all danger of frost has passed. Seeds can also be started in individual peat pots indoors or in the greenhouse 2 to 3 weeks before setting out. Cover seeds with l/2 to 3/4 inch fine soil well firmed down.

SPACING: Plant 6 to 8 seeds per hill spaced 3 to 4 feet apart. Space rows 3 feet apart. 

THINNING & TRANSPLANTING: Thin or transplant to 3 healthiest plants per hill. Leave 18 to 24 inches between plants in rows.

GERMINATION: One to two weeks depending upon weather and soil warmth. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

Ed's Special Advice

Well-fertilized soil is to its liking. Avoid overwatering and the continual use of high-nitrogen fertilizers. Exceptionally easy vegetable to grow. Gather before frost, leaving part of stem attached to fruit. Store in dry, moderately cool place during winter.


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