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Watermelon Radish

RADISH Watermelon

An unusual and colorful large, winter radish also known as Red Meat and Continental Fancy. It makes a colorful addition to relish trays. It's white skinned, globe shaped with light green shoulders. It is sweet and tender with a bright red heart. A real conversation piece. Approximately 55 days to maturity.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Start seeds in early spring and again in late summer or earliest fall. Sow directly into the garden, covering seed with 1/4 inch soil, firmed down.

Thin to 3 inches apart in rows 16 inches apart, or plant in wide rows, thinning seedlings 5 to 6 inches apart in all directions.

7 to 10 days. Keep soil moderately moist during germi-nation.

Ed's Special Advice

Treat soil with safe insecticide to protect from root insects, or sow seed where radishes or cabbage had not been grown the previous year. Protect seedbed from new infestation with cheesecloth or agricultural netting strung above plants. Radishes grow best during the cooler parts of the growing season. Plant in a mostly sunny spot in moderately rich soil kept fairly well watered.


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