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Small Sugar Pumpkin

PUMPKIN Small Sugar N. E. Pie

An excellent variety for baking. Fruit is sweet and dark orange, with pumpkins weighing 6 pounds, 6 to 8 inches in diameter. They can also be used for painting or carving and the seeds can be baked for tasty snacks. Approximately 115 days to maturity.

Special Directions For Short Season Climates

SOWING: Plant seed directly outdoors after all danger of frost has passed and the weather has warmed considerably. Cover seed with 1/2 inch fine soil firmed down. Seeds can also be started indoors 2-3 weeks before setting outside.

SPACING: Plant in raised hills 3-4 or more feet apart depending upon available space.

THINNING &TRANSPLANTING: Thin to 3 strongest plants per hill or 12 inches apart in rows. Transplant indoor started seedlings outdoors after hardening off and weather has warmed and all danger of frost has passed.

GERMINATION: Approximately 10 days at 70 F. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

Ed's Special Advice

Pumpkins grow best in a sunny location with rich, well drained soil regularly watered when dry. Vines take considerable space, allow to run through landscape or corn rows. Harvest when skin is dry, cure for a couple of days in a warm spot, then store in cool dry place until ready to use.


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