Ed Hume Seeds



Very productive, improved variety. Uniform shape, large roots, tender, high quality. A delicious table vegetable when fried, boiled or creamed. 130 days.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Seed as soon as soil is workable in early through late spring. Cover seeds with 1/2 inch fine soil.

SPACING: Space rows 12 inches apart. For intensified gardening, space plants 4 inches apart in all directions.

THINNING: When plants are 2 inches high, thin to 4 inches apart.

GERMINATION: Seeds are slow to germinate, depending on weather and soil conditions.

Ed's Special Advice

An excellent vegetable to keep in the ground for winter harvest Flavor improves in colder weather. Harvest all roots before tops flower in spring. Keep seeding soil moist; otherwise, germination will be ruined. Grows best in well-drained fairly rich soil. Water thoroughly when soil is dry.


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