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Samish Hybrid Savoy Spinach

Spinach Bloomsdale

A fast growing spinach with thick, rumpled (savoy) leaves. It is ideal for early spring and fall planting. A cool weather variety, it cannot be grown during warm months. 44 relative days to maturity, longer during cooler weather.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow as soon as soil can be worked in spring. 40 degrees is ideal. Cover with 1/8 inch fine soil.

THINNING: When seedlings are 2 to 4 inches high, thin gradually to 12 inches apart harvesting young greens.

SPACING: Leave 12 to 18 inches between rows.

GERMINATION: 1 to 2 weeks depending on the weather.

Ed's Special Advice

For first crop, seed in earliest spring. Sow every 2 to 3 weeks up to mid spring, then again in late summer through early September. Avoid letting soil dry completely. Spinach is fast growing and very nutritious. Harvest large outer leaves as plant grows. When plants start to go to seed cut back stem and leaves one inch above ground. Fertilize and water remaining stems. Harvest again when leaves have sized up.

Organic Certification by Washington State Department of Agriculture


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