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Cippolini Onion

Onion Cipollini

A small, pale yellow flat onion. It is sweet in flavor and can be used for slicing, roasting and pickling. Also known as Italian button onion, it is ideal for use in a wide range of gourmet and ethnic cuisine. Approximately 100 days to maturity.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow indoors in flats in early spring or sow directly outdoors as soon as soil is workable. Can also be sown outdoors in earliest fall. Cover seeds with 1/4 inch fine soil.

THINNING AND TRANSPLANTING: When seedlings are about 4 inches tall, thin or transplant 4 to 5 inches apart.

SPACING: Leave 6 inches between rows. Can be spaced 5 inches apart in all directions for solid bed plantings.

GERMINATION: Approximately 10 to 14 days depending upon soil and weather. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

Ed's Special Advice

Best results are obtained when onions are planted in well-fertilized moderately moist soil. At maturity, bend over tops to hasten ripening before they are harvested. Pick out seed heads as they form. Remove thin, papery skins by scraping with blade of sharp knife or parboil briefly.

Organic Certification by Washington State Department of Agriculture


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