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Indian Spring Hollyhock

Indian Spring Hollyhock

Perennial - Permanent Plant Height: 5 feet or more

These wonderful old-fashioned flowers grow on tall stems. It blooms with mostly single flowers in shades of rose, pink and white. Excellent as a backdrop for shorter flowers in informal planting beds. It combines well with delphinium, foxglove and other tall perennials along walls and fences. Although a perennial, Indian Spring can bloom the first year if sown early.

Special Directions For Short Season Climates

SOWING: Sow seed throughout the summer for blooms the following year. Seeds sown in early to mid spring should bloom the first year, though not as early as seeds started the previous summer. Cover seed with 1/8 inch soil firmed down.

TRANSPLANTING: Division of perennial clumps, transplanting volunteer or indoor started seedlings is best done in early to mid spring.

SPACING & THINNING: Leave 18 to 24 inches between plants.

Ed's Special Advice

Select a permanent sunny location with fairly rich soil for Hollyhocks. Water carefully at base of plant. Rust can sometimes be a problem, removing bottom leaves of established plants can help. Use lower growing flowers to screen off stripped area. Remove and destroy infected leaves at the first sign of disease.


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