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Moss in the Garden

Is moss a problem in your garden? Is it on the roof, in your flower and shrub beds and in the lawn too? If it is, here are a few ideas on some of the best ways to help keep moss under control around your home.

Moss on the roof, patio, walkways, etc.- Moss and algae growing in these areas can be slippery and very dangerous, especially when it's wet.

It is especially important to control moss on the roof because it can loosen and raise shingles, cause water to backup and cause leaks. Plus, your roofing is apt to decay more rapidly if moss is a problem.

Moss on the roof can be cleaned off the roof by using a piece of wire so you can get down between the shakes. Also remove any decaying leaves, needles, and other debris. Then you can sweep or wash away the other plant debris. But remember it's apt to really be slippery, so be careful.

There are specialty chemical products that can be used on surfaces like roofs, patios and walkways. They have their limitations, so be careful to read label instructions and follow them to the letter. Such products include: Lilly/ Miller's "Moss-Kill' and these products must be kept away from garden trees and shrubs. So plants must be protected by covering them with a polyethylene drop cloth. It is also advisable to apply these materials with a watering can, so you reduce the danger of the chemicals drifting on to your plants. Additionally apply these products at a time when rain is not expected for several days. And, avoid applying them when the wind is blowing.

You can help somewhat deter the growth of moss on the roof by trimming back any trees branches that overhang your roof. Late fall and winter are good times to accomplish this task. Be sure to clean the watering can or sprayer immediately after using it. One of the best ways is to flush out the container with an ammonia water solution.

Moss in flower and shrub beds - There is no easy solution for this condition. You cannot use chemicals to control moss in and around plants. The easiest method is too simply scrape off the moss and add it to the compost pile. Most garden moss can easily be pulled off and discarded, without damaging plant roots. The addition of a little dolomite lime will help sweeten the soil and may after several applications help deter the growth of the moss.

Get after that moss this spring before it takes over the entire garden.

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