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DELPHINIUM Pacific Giant Mixture

Perennial Permanent Plant - Height 4 to 6 feet

See our test garden photo of: Delphinium

Very popular long-stemmed perennial. Excellent for garden color or as cut flower. Stately flower spikes in shades of lavender, blue, purple and white. Ideal background plant.

Special Directions For Short Season Climates

SOWING: Best time to seed is May to August. Can be seeded indoors in February or March for earlier plants. Cover seeds with 1/8 inch fine soil.

THINNING AND TRANSPLANTING: When seedlings are 2 to 4 inches high, thin or transplant to 18 inches apart.

GERMINATION: Approximately 3 weeks, depending upon soil and weather conditions. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

Ed's Special Advice

Needs rich, well drained soil. Water by irrigation method when possible. Plants started from seed in February or March often give some bloom the first year but reach their prime the second year. Use all seeds; they do not keep very well. Place packet in freezer overnight before sowing seed to increase germination rate.


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