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Trinity Hybrid Sweet Corn

SWEET CORN Trinity, Early Bicolor

A delicious gourmet Bicolor sweet corn. Its yellow and white kernels are on ears averaging seven inches in length. It is very early for a quality bicolor and its flavor is quite sweet. Approximately 70 days to maturity.

Special Directions for Short Season Climates

SOWING: Plant in full sun outdoors in late spring when soil and weather have warmed and all danger of frost has passed. Sow seeds 1 inch deep.

SPACING: Sow seeds 4 to 6 inches apart.  Space rows 2 to 3 feet apart, depending upon available space.

TRANSPLANTING: When established seedlings are 2 to 3 inches tall, thin them 8 to 12 inches apart.

GERMINATION: Usually 7 to 10 days. Keep seedbed moderately moist during germination.

Ed's Special Advice

To conserve space and for best pollination, plant in blocks made up of short rows, thinned to 8 to 12 inches apart in all directions. Fertilize and cultivate soil prior to planting. To preserve best flavor and tenderness, pick corn just a few minutes before use. Sweet corn benefits from rich soil, side dress with fertilizer just before tassels appear and water deeply.


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