Ed Hume Seeds

Children's Flower Mix


A selection of easy to grow and fast blooming flowers

Annual-One Season Plants - Height 1/2 to 3 feet

This packet has a mix of different kinds of flower seeds. Plant them outside in the spring when the weather starts to get warm and it won't freeze anymore. Plant the seeds in soil where you would like to have flowers. Spread the seeds out so they will have room to grow. Cover the seeds with just a little bit of soil. Water the soil where you planted the seeds. Be careful not to splash the water or the seeds can wash away.

Check the garden every day to make sure the spot is a little bit wet so the seeds can sprout. In about one or two weeks the plants will start to grow. Be careful not to step on them. They will have lots of different shaped leaves. Give them water when they start to get dry. As you take care of them, the plants will start to grow bigger. Some of them will grow really tall, some will stay short and some will grow medium size.

After a while, small buds will start to form on the plants. These will turn into flowers. First, one kind of flower will come out or bloom. A few days later, you will see another type bloom, then another. Before you know it, you will see lots of pretty flowers. They will have different shapes and colors. You can pick the flowers and put them in a cup with water in it. Bring the flowers inside or give them to someone you like for a present.

Included among others may be Alyssum, Babysbreath, Bachelor Buttons, Balsam, Calendula, Candytuft, Clarkia, Cosmos, Dianthus, Godetia, Linaria, Marigold, Nemophila, Painted Daisy, Portulaca and Zinnia.

Ed's Special Advice

Though most of the seeds in this mix are annuals, they are also prone to reseed themselves, so take care when weeding in succeeding years.


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